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Welcome to the Well Furlong Book Shop. The titles on display here are limited to a specialised range of subjects in which Gaynor and Mike are interested. We have added a brief description of many of the books that we can recommend, and if you are interested in a particular title, you may buy it online from either or

If a title has a flag icon against its title, clicking Image of US flag will link you to the page on's site where you may find out more about the book in question, and if you wish, buy it. If the title has a image of Union Jack, clicking on it will take you to's page from where you may alternatively buy the book. are offering:

Art Department

Featured Artists

Francis Bacon

British Artist 1909 - 1992


W R Sickert

British Artist 1860 - 1942

Art Essays & Critiques

Authors A to L

An extensive list of books about art history, theory, movements, techniques and essays about art and artists. Books are listed in alphabetical order of author's name.

Authors M to Z

Individual Artists

Artists A to E

Books about a number of individual artists listed in alphabetical order of artist's name.

Artists F to L


Artists M to R


Artists S to Z

Sculpture & Sculptors


Books describing sculpting techniques, and the history of sculpture.

Sculptors A to M

A list of recommended books by or about individual sculptors. Books are listed in alphabetical order of sculptor's name.

Sculptors N to Z

Theatre Department


Some recommended books about the Bard

Globe Playhouse

Books about Shakespeare's theatre and other theatres of the time

Samuel Beckett

A list of his plays, many of which may be bought here

Harold Pinter

His plays and the only authorised biography

Tom Stoppard

A list of all his works, most of which are available for sale.

If you can't find the book you're looking for on these pages, why not search the extensive catalogue.